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Reclaimed Wood Tables crafted by Grothouse are made from 100 percent real reclaimed, heirloom quality lumber. The wood used is predominately from eighteenth and nineteenth century Pennsylvania barns. The natural imperfections in reclaimed wood lend history, character, and beauty to any style design, from modern to industrial to traditional to rustic.


Reclaimed Wood Tables | Features

Reclaimed wood tables by Grothouse can be crafted for any desired use, whether you would like a reclaimed wood dining table, table top, coffee table, restaurant table, end table, etc. They can also include a variety of features to add function to the space. The reclaimed wood dining table featured in this blog post was designed by Lobkovich. The Grothouse team worked with the designers, J. Paul Lobkovich and Emily Neifeld, on the design of the table to include a multitude of features.


This reclaimed wood table can double as a dining area and a kitchen island. It has eight drawers, perfect for storage and organization. The table top is 1-3/4 inches thick and crafted of antique reclaimed chestnut in flat grain construction. The table is 50 inches by 98 inches and 37 inches in height.


One important feature was that the table had electrical outlets. Grothouse prepared the table for the outlets on the inside and outside of the drawers. In doing so, a one leg drilled with a hole was used so that wiring could be fed to each electrical unit. On the exterior, Grothouse crafted custom matching outlet covers of the same reclaimed wood to minimize the appearance of the outlets. On the interior, shallow outlets were used that featured USB plug-ins for easy access to charge phones and electrical devices.


To help with lateral strength required to support a table of this size, a metal “X” was designed to mount to the underside of the table. The “X” was made of stainless steel and unlacquered brass and designed to complement the La Cornue Range and custom hood.


The table is supported by solidly constructed reclaimed wood legs crafted out of the same chestnut wood as the table top.

The table top is complete with a 1/8 inch Roundover edge profile on the top horizontal edges, bottom horizontal edges, and vertical corners.

To view more designs featuring reclaimed wood tables by Grothouse, visit our Image Library. To see more designs by Lobkovich, visit their Houzz page.

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Proper Care of Grothouse Wood Countertops

The Grothouse Lumber Company

Wood Countertops ~ Butcher Blocks ~ Bar Tops ~ Tables 


How to take Proper Care of your Wood Countertop  


Ensure your counter top has been properly installed to allow for expansion and contraction  by pre-drilling holes larger than the screws that secure the piece to the cabinetry.


Follow the instructions below based on the type of finish on your counter top.


Proper Care of Wood Countertops with Durata® Finish 


Follow the instructions below to get the best possible performance from your Durata® Finish wood countertop:


1. Exercise care during the first 30 days of receiving your top as the finish is not completely cured and may be more susceptible to scratching. Wash only with soap and water during the first 30 days and avoid placing heavy items on the surface.


2. Following the 30-day break-in period, you may clean your block using anti-bacterial dish soap and warm water, Windex, or your preferred antibacterial cleanser. Thoroughly dry the block after washing.


3. Light scratches can be minimized with Butchers Wax.


4. Do not chop directly on a block with Durata® permanent finish. Use a cutting board.


5. Do not expose tops to excessive heat, cold or moisture! 


6. Durata® Finish is permanent and does not require re-coating. It is waterproof and resistant to most household chemicals including bleach, vinegar, red wine and ammonia.


Proper Care of Wood Countertops with Grothouse Original Food Grade Oil  


Follow the instructions below to get the best possible performance from your Original Food Grade oil wood top:


1. Wash your block by hand only using anti-bacterial dish soap and warm water. Do not submerge the block in water! Add a small amount of bleach or vinegar to the water for extra bacteria killing power after chopping bacteria-laden foods such as raw chicken. You can also rub the block with a half a lemon to kill bacteria. Our blocks are not dishwasher safe. Thoroughly dry the block after washing. 


2. Periodically oil the block with Grothouse Original Oil.  Allowing a butcherblock to  dry out because of a lack of oil is the #1 cause of problems with butcherblocks.  Oiling will help keep that beautiful sheen. Detailed instructions are included with The Original Oil.


3. Do not allow liquid to stand on the block for a long period of time; it will stain the block and cause the wood to expand, which may result in glue-joint failure and warping. Always wipe up moisture promptly.


4. Use a steel scraper or 220 grit sandpaper as needed to keep the top smooth and free of deep cuts or any food buildup, then re-oil the top.


5. If using your block for cutting or chopping, work with different areas of the block to help it wear evenly.  Do not use a cleaver with a razor sharpened edge; it may chip out the wood.


Proper care of your countertop will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and use!


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or call us at 610-767-6515. 



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